Also called Lovely Lambeth, it does live up to its name. With tons of new growth and a very
high end sub division going up in 2017 (Silverleaf) Lambeth is the new place to be. Lambeth
has great schools and a very nice main street with lots to do. Lambeth has older homes with
great sized lots, some estate properties to the south and a brand new subdivision going up in
the north with houses starting in the $650,000 +. So there is something for everyone depending
on where you are in your life. With close proximity to the 401 and 402 it is a quick drive to get
out of the city. There is a brand new commercial space that is going up just north east of
Lambeth and this has a huge impact on the growth that is happening in this beautiful
community. Come any enjoy Lovely Lambeth and all it has to offer.